Shotgun Kitty, Lookin’ Pretty (Celadon)

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December 19, 2015 by tsk2001


“The supermarket. Long story. Wait, I wanna check on something.” The mail truck from last night has caught my attention. It’s dark now, but the light from the station casts a glow across the field where last night’s battle with the Willies happened. I can see what looks like Mrs. Willie’s body near the truck, but I wanna make sure. It turns out it’s not Mrs. Willie I’m looking at, it’s Shotgun Kitty, Mad’s little sister, standing stock-still like she froze solid, her buckshot face all smeared and over-toothy like a fucking de Kooning if he did children’s portraits. This practically freezes my heart solid, like it was a fist carved outta granite. I reach out to Vick, who’s advancing behind me, and stop her with my hand. What’s the kid’s name? Did Mad tell me her name? I can’t fucking remember. I don’t think so.

“Hey, little girl? I know your sister. Madison? Big girl? Have you seen her? You know where she is right now?”

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