Vanna Spite: Wheel of Fire (Heliotrope)

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March 14, 2023 by tsk2001

I honestly think Jen has bought her last vowel in this particular episode of Wheel of Fortune.

“Make that Wheel of Ixion,” G says to me.

“You’re in my head again, huh?”

“Yeah, and I’m rather in agreement with you on this. You’re getting a green light from me, just like you did on Henry in the chopper.”

“So what’s the Wheel of Ixion? I don’t know it.” I’m practically basking in my ignorance, eating up a G-based teaching moment, which is like brain sex to me, I can feel my frontal lobes swelling.

“I’m forgetting the details. Ixion was a guy who fucked a cloud he thought was a woman, got tricked by Zeus, ended up bound to a spinning wheel of fire for eternity.”

“Sweet.” G’s just wearing the holstered Luger, and maybe the butt-racked Beretta, I didn’t notice. Our swords are in the car. I’m wondering if Jen is picking up on the fact that I wanna kill her, what she just did is a capital crime, and maybe this is just what she wants. I’m also wondering if G wants to do it herself.

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