Honey Ryder vs. the Fabulous Moolah (Cinnabar)

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March 20, 2023 by tsk2001

“I don’t get anything about this, G. How could she know K was here? How could she know K’s name is Ursula Anders? She got that in a vision? Isn’t that the chick from Dr. No?”

“That’s Ursula Andress. Great scene when she emerged from the ocean in a white bikini with a big knife on her hip. I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out. I thought it was seriously hot, and I wasn’t even a lesbian. Yet.”

“Right. I’m sure I’ve seen it, though I can’t really remember it. And the Hankenlew said K’s name was Ursula.”

“Indeed. And how is it possible Lenore hasn’t turned like eleven days after the shit hit the fan?”

“Is she even Kandel? I’m looking at the photos in the book—this old lady doesn’t look a whole lot like the photos.”

“It’s possible a lifetime of pain and drugs aged her badly,” G points out.

“I thought of that, but I’m still not sure I see enough of a resemblance. This chick looks more like the Fabulous Moolah, in the face, at least. You remember the Fabulous Moolah? The wrestler?”

“Of course. She was about as cute as a bag of shit. And I see the resemblance. I wonder if the Fabulous Moolah is still alive. Do you know?”

“No,” I go, kinda admiring G’s incredibly lookist remark about Moolah. “You have no psych on this, huh? No intuition on whether or not this is really Kandel?”

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