Already My Drained Swimming Pool is Ubu Immortal! (Cinnabar)

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April 4, 2023 by tsk2001

“Don’t come near me with that gaff, K, I’m tripping and I’m kinda jumpy.” She puts it down on the cart seat. There’s no expression on her face at all, it’s a void. The turquoise eyes are empty like drained swimming pools outta J.G. Ballard. The school door opens and G and Mir burst out. “Where’d you get the gaff?” I ask K while we’re still alone.

No answer. K is intensely cinnabar in this light, a stark, earthy red that makes the white of her slingshot glow like obscene neon trim. Wait, I’m tripping. “Jesus Christ, look at the color on K!” Mir bellows as she struts toward us like she owns the place. “She looks like a surrealist masterpiece! Make that a mistresspiece! She’s the fucking color of Max Ernst’s ‘Ubu Imperator!’ ”

OK, maybe it’s not just me who’s amped by K’s color, and I’m also getting sexed the way Mir is showing off her culture chops. I have no idea what particular painting she’s talking about, but I guess it’s got red in it. Or did the Hankenlew feed her the comment? How the fuck much does Mir know about Max Ernst? Maybe she has a coffee table book, and she just tosses it on the couch when she gets fucked by Hank on the coffee table.


“And did anyone appear to you while you were meditating?” I ask.

“Not that I can recall. It wasn’t so much a meditation as a fugue. A dissociative fugue state.”

I look sharply at G. Is it suspicious that Ni would use a phrase like dissociative fugue state? Probably not, she went to Reed. I’m about to ask her if she’s read J.G. Ballard, when she starts channeling. “What a thing to know! Already I’m immortal!” She says it three times in a bellowing “poet with no mic at a Barnes & Noble reading” voice, that faraway look on her face that says she’s rented her brain to an itinerant fuckface.

I look at G in alarm. “That’s what was written on Kandel’s tee! It’s a Lew line!”

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